acrobat 11 update

I have been receiving messages every time I reboot my computer to install Adobe Acrobat updates. The update always results in an "invalid drive" erro.
Hello, Five of our computers with Acrobat Pro 11 are having problems getting updated. The file Shavlik Protect sends is
Acrobat, Planned update,, 245 MB, All, 11.0 or later see acrobat /kb/known-issues- acrobat - xi

Payment: Acrobat 11 update

Acrobat 11 update 358
Indesign certification 51
Acrobat 11 update 854

Acrobat 11 update - used

From the information here, it does look like the product is corrupt or there is left-over from previous installs. Updates take only a few minutes to install. Post questions and get answers from experts. We include all the switches to silently install the updates. For a list of current issues, see The computer that dvh updated using the.