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The simplest CinemaDNG workflow guide. Part One covers the route from camera to NLE.
The CinemaDNG file format is designed to store high-resolution video streams in camera raw format and typically adds less than 1 KB overhead per image.
The thing to take note of here is that CinemaDNG sequences need to be imported through Premiere Pro's built-in media browser as opposed to. cinema dng

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Original or other source link can go here. DaVinci Resolve software is available for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. Movie development typically involves complicated workflows involving many stages and multiple suppliers of software and hardware components. How do I integrate Cinema DNG into my current product line? Sequential image formats like Cinema DNG replicate the look and feel of film much closer than interdependent frame video.
Premiere CC 2015: Import/Color Grading RAW Black Magic Cinema DNG Files You must only go into this in great detail if you are using the Intermediary workflow. You can send your sequence copied to a new track layer first to AE and ACR will take over on each clip. The DSLR Cinematography Guide. Camera Reviews, Comparisons, Tests and Guides. Then just render the whole composition as a new frame sequence, import that into PPro on a new cinema dng, and you're good to go. What are the advantages for filmmakers?