motion editor

A quick tutorial showing how to use the revamped motion editor with motion tweens in Flash CC.
In the Motion Editor, you can adjust and blend animations for controls. You can work with multiple controls and even multiple animation sets.
Join Todd Perkins for an in-depth discussion in this video Understanding the Motion Editor , part of Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training. New Motion Editor Flash CC 2014

Motion editor - irritating: It's

Notice that the Add Ease button reads Custom, indicating that you applied a Custom Ease to the Property. Color Spaces — Rec. Adding rotation to an animation. Just select the character and make adjustments right in the Canvas. Open and close it when necessary using this shortcut. Using the Paste in Place command to organize layers. Become a Multimedia Specialist. Using the Deco tool. Easy access and modification of all Properties applied to a tween within a single panel. The Timeline, layers, and folders. Using ActionScript code snippets to control video playback. A cleaner, more logical arrangement of icons motion editor the interface puts the right tools in the right place. motion editor