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On the Windows Installer tab, click Import and browse to the AIR setup. msi file, which is found in the bundled install files you downloaded from.
Adobe has released Adobe AIR to address vulnerabilities that could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of.
Is it possible to convet an. air file into an MSI package? or even an.exe? My developers have created this app with Air and would like to roll itĀ  Adobe AIR Installation failure - due to. msi pr |Adobe.

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Get it as part of... Adjust the settings in the Data Access, Distribution, and Reporting pages based on your network configuration and preferences. If a workstation does not meet these requirements, the application will not be installed on it. Specify the application installation location. The users can launch the app via a desktop shortcut or from Program Files. The application will take a few minutes to complete and will require you to provide general information about your intended use of Adobe AIR. PC vs MAC for Video Editing ... Fight!!! Click General and choose any name for your program. For immediate help use Live now! TPMX requires the path to be relative to the DocRoot of the application server, so the path in this case is:. The Advertisement Status in the SMS Admin Console will show installation results for clients. Setting package install options. An advertisement tells all workstations in the collection that there is new adobe air msi available to install. Using push notifications in AIR iOS apps.
adobe air msi