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Learn how to test and deploy your Flex applications. Flex Solutions excerpt: Migrating Flex applications onto the desktop with Adobe AIR. Marco Casario (Jun.
I believe it's underlying, i know on my mac there isn't a specific app. download any AIR app and see if it runs. A common one would be the swf.
I need to create test automation of the Adobe AIR application. In application under test there a lot of custom controls, input / output and drag and. Then we found testfairy. Test the performance of a Flex application with a BlazeDS back end, adobe air testing. We will do all the rest automatically. Sign up or log in. Now I'm thinking about Flex Monkey and a tool, which performs screenshot-based automation. Click Finish when the Installation Completed message appears. You can try it quickly by adding a trace statement. Adobe AIR AS3 accelerometer test game [android] adobe air testing

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Adobe air testing Terms of Use Privacy Cookies AdChoices. With our in-app bug reporting module, your testers can shake their app and fill in a form that pops-up. I've just be fallen in love with testfairy. Adobe air testing ANE is now officially out! To package an app for the iOS Simulator, execute ADT at the command line with —package and use —target to specify one of these targets. Priceless insights Very much enjoying my testfairy experience as we enter our final stage of pre-release testings triviacollege gamedev sofarsogood I've just be fallen in love with testfairy. After introducing you to.
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