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Use Flash Professional to create game assets, animations, sprite sheets, and more. If you create assets in Photoshop and Illustrator, you can import and work.
According to Ira Willey, creator of the popular game portal, you'll attract players that are more likely to play your game.
Millions of browser games and over mobile games powered by Adobe Technologies. ‎ Gaming Tools · ‎ Learn More · ‎ Adobe AIR Developer Center · ‎ Gaming Runtimes. adobe game maker
Command-line Adobe AIR Adobe game maker Tool ADT. If you have the budget for it, another option is to hire one of the companies that offer Flash game testing services. Mastering the techniques covered in this section will give you the ability to bridge any gaps between the hardware and your application proving a complete experience for your users. Sometimes I sit down to make a game and start brainstorming entirely new ideas, but much of the time I already have many ideas floating around in my head. This article also includes useful information for experienced ActionScript developers looking to get into Flash game development, adobe game maker. Study the results of user feedback and metrics such as game plays, duration of game play, and more. Creating a Drag & Drop Game in Adobe Flash