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Protected Mode in Adobe Reader X is enabled by default and malicious PDF documents can't launch arbitrary executable files or write to.
Flash protected mode is an Adobe security feature for Firefox on Windows Vista and above. Disable it if the Flash plugin crashes or hangs.
Protected Mode (PM) was introduced with Reader 10.0 on Windows. It transparently protects users against attacks by sandboxing application. adobe protected mode Adobe Reader X - Protected Mode Disable ADM

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Open a document in Adobe Reader. Protected Mode introduced in Reader. Configurable policies have two requirements:. The application uses an internal key. While our sandbox runs at a low integrity, it is a much more constrained computing environment. To create a trusted folder for multiple PDFs, click Add Folder Path or Add Host. Open the Preferences dialog box, select the Security Enhanced category, and under the Privileged Locationsdo the following:. By clicking Submit, you accept the Adobe Terms of Use. If you have third-party or custom plugins that cause issues when running in Protected Mode. Select "Edit" and "Preferences" from the menu. XP only: Accessibility features may or may adobe protected mode work. Leave a Reply Cancel. Right click on bUseWhitelistConfigFile and choose Modify.