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Set slide duration, play music, preview or export a slideshow, and more in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
Learn how to use Lightroom to quickly create a beautiful slide show —and tell a richer story of a trip or an event.
In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to create automated slideshows with the transition effect of your choice.
Set slide and transition duration. See Slideshow module panels and tools. Post questions and get answers from experts. Set the following options:. You can display your identity plate on these. Click a template name to select it for your slideshow, adobe slideshow. adobe slideshow

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You can export a slideshow as a series of JPEG files that you can share with clients or other people. There are no products. Can be time consuming to learn and understand all the features. Add beginning and ending slides. See Selecting photos in the Grid view and the Filmstrip. This adjusts the slides duration so the length of the Slide Show and the audio clip match.

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Her site is here — Reply. Slideshow module panels and tools. You can play a slideshow from within Lightroom. Post questions and get answers from experts. Had to learn premier pro this summer. Play an impromptu slideshow. Preference for the Pan And Zoom slider..