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Easily create wireframes, layouts, or mockups with the Adobe Comp CC mobile app. And use grids, guides, and masking tools to get the control you need.
I've been using Photoshop as my main design tool for years, making all of my design mockups, wireframes, and even some illustrations and.
I eventually chose Adobe InDesign for much of my preliminary interaction design What Makes It A Great Wireframing And Prototyping Tool?.

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It includes a few drag and drop elements and allows you to share the web page as a unique URL. Layers provide the ability to group, reorganize, selectively show and hide, and selectively lock and unlock objects in a design. Masters are typically used to contain headers, footers, logos and empty frames that act as placeholders. That is the sort of interactivity that we need in a prototype. Flairbuilder works on the Adobe Air platform and features multi-page projects, site map and comments. Fireworks is far superior to Indesign for the tasks layed out in this article. We use ad-blockers as well, you know.
Enhance your Comp layouts with Adobe Stock images and graphics. Are you adding them proportionately to the page? Typekit integration — In high fidelity mock-ups, you can use any of the Typekit fonts that sync to the desktop. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for mobile. Adobe-xd make easy way to convert your design in to Prototype. [Freebies] Adobe XD Wireframe Kit for UX Designer, Edited by UX Hacker