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Enter a question, keyword or topic. Introduction to Buying Fonts. Where can I buy Hoefler & Co. fonts? Hoefler & Co. typefaces are available exclusively from us.
Although most people speak of " buying fonts," you are actually purchasing a license to use them. The instantiation of the design in a digital font remains the.
Most fonts are licensed when needed, selected specifically for the job . for this, I always go back to this list when looking for a new font to buy. buying fonts
Does that get me on the short list? It all depends on the licensing issue for the given font or the company it is buying fonts from - licensing for multiple computers is most often defined as at one business location. If you take your time, though, you will be rewarded. Just tell them to put your client's name instead of yours. Middle East and North Africa - English.

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If you buy a font on behalf of a client, are you legible to use the font yourself as some fonts are licenced for several computers? If so, hit us up! Typefaces for telephone directories. So if your client comes back to you after a while, wanting some more work done, you have to re-install it? The Font that Never Was.