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Adobe first offered redaction tools starting with Acrobat 8 and redaction capabilities have continued to improve with each new release.
I can't find the redact option in Acrobat X Standard to black out confidential information in a pdf.
Adobe ® Acrobat® X White Paper. Using redaction in Adobe ® Acrobat® X. Best practices for removing sensitive text and images from documents. Redaction is.

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JavaScript, actions, and form fields are types of content that are subject to change. Hold down the CTRL key if you need to select a discontinuous range of comments. Help with the solution, please. Why redact or remove sensitive content? Have to keep ending the task. Redacting Selected Text or Images. Redactions exist as a type of annotation until you apply them which permanently removes the information. redact adobe Redacting portions of a PDF file Using Adobe Acrobat This browser does not support basic Web standards, preventing the display. You will want to add an "r" or some other indication to the redacted version's file name. For more information, see Apply multiple code entries to a redaction. You can specify custom text or redaction codes to appear over the redaction marks. Use the Redact adobe Hidden Information feature to find and remove hidden content from a PDF. This preference is handy during review since it copies text into the sticky note. Links, Actions And JavaScripts, redact adobe.