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At Indiana University, students, faculty, and staff have access to Adobe Creative Cloud, an online subscription to Adobe's collection of creative.
Creative Cloud gives you the world's best creative tools — always up to date — so you can turn your brightest ideas into your greatest work. A creative cloud.
Cornell University has an Enterprise License for the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. This license covers installation of Acrobat Pro onto any.
Creative Cloud for Education So basically a doubling of the price? Time to move on. What are you going to do when they force you to upgrade? And adobe/go/activation you look at their interface issues — trying to make us use old school MSFT windows interface, they can not make simple things like layers work the same in Illustrator and Photoshop? I have not tried it for myself, creative cloud license, but it looks promising.

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You can post positive reviews of the CS version you are currently using. Cloud is the most overused word of the decade. Invested time in learning their software. New Photoshop and Illustrator templates make it easy to jump right in. What happens to people you use Products like Design Std. Of course, they may not have all the functionality of the more recent version, but at least the entire design and all the effort therein would not be lost. The choice given that the customers can either use the CC or buy the same suite or needed software on disc or download for a one time price.