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Is Adobe Fireworks still good enough to be considered a worthy is not under active development, it is still available as part of Creative Cloud.
The only reason I pay for my creative cloud license is for Adobe Fireworks. Like me, other UX professionals use Fireworks to design Wireframes  Fireworks CS6 -Not part of Creative Cloud but bl.
The Fireworks forum will continue to be available to CS6 users. For issues other than those related to product ownership, please post your.

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We design serious web apps and mobile apps and some large websites. I cared so much about the product I did everything I could. Give us this back. I will keep using Fireworks for a while longer and forgive the crashes but not sure I will move onto other Adobe software for the same design requirements — I suspect, as many others are already doing, I will be working more closely with the development team and use other emerging apps that fill the gap. Fireworks is much faster than Photoshop to create web mockups. Harrison Weber is TNW's Features Editor in NYC. fireworks cc
It was just a wonderful tool for web design — that perfect zone between Illustrator and Photoshop that neither fireworks cc the two applications — nor both combined — could touch. This is the one program from Adobe that I did not mind paying for, fireworks cc. Pretty much the same as Director — Who even knew this still existed let alone had a major update this year! Even if they ask you to, only a moron would say yes to pay for something that has been proved worse and much more expensive. I loathe this company with a burning passion. Unhappy with this news! If you think Photoshop and Illustrator are good replacements, you have no idea what we do.