– regid. which refers to the regid of Adobe. product_title> ‐ is the product name, which will be the same as the.
SWID files are located under ProgramData. For example: C:\ProgramData\ regid.
Adobe Systems Incorporated; regid. software_id. unique_id; software_manufacturer_domain. Creative Cloud Licensing. - 2013 Adobe

These are not subscription licenses. Read the Wiki here for tutorials and FAQs.. I still not really clear why they are located on my computer and how they were down load with its own fie since I did not download the file? This is the product serial number and is held in encrypted form. This is an archived post. Acrobat Professional and Standard have a common installer. The values are determined as follows: For DC products, SWIDs are identical for Acrobat Professional and Standard because they are delivered in a single installer. WIN custom offerings :. Photoshop licensed by itself looks like:. GUIDs should be different. The serial number you use determines which product is installed, The location is platform specific. Are you referring to a tool that was provided to you by Adobe awhile back? FF - HiddenExtension: Microsoft.