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We all know the page to go and check for Adobe Flash player updates. That link of course is https://www.
A new version of adobe flash player was released today so usually i go to https:// www. flashplayer / distribution.html and.
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Adobe flash player distribution - browser-ul Chrome

Download Adobe Flash Player. Stub installers are garbage and should never have been created. Are you an enterprise customer looking for a redistribution license? It was Davesnothere I think who noticed that. My only reason for posting this was for the msi file format. Search Engine Optimization SEO. While that is the case, and depending on how you use the Internet, you may use the Internet without Flash already without noticing that it is missing at all.
Adobe wants all non-Enterprise users to use the first adobe flash player distribution described above to download Adobe Flash to systems while Enterprise users with a valid license may still download Adobe Flash Player binaries directly from Adobe. It's very annoying that they are doing this. I've contacted them as many others perhaps and not even a reply. I can be careful and avoid the third party crap but I too want the full installer not a stub and for that I need the redistribution page. Which one do I want for the plugin version?