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is a platform for creating interactive 3D content for Adobe Flash and AIR. With a powerful rendering engine and an intuitive IDE. You can.
The APIs in Flash Player and Adobe AIR offer a fully hardware- accelerated architecture that brings stunning visuals across desktop browsers and iOS.
Meanwhile, a new cell technology development by Toshiba could pave the way for higher write speeds, more reliability and lower costs in solid state drives. Intel and Micron’s new 3D NAND technology stacks flash cells vertically in 32 layers to store 32 GB in a MLC die.

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Similarly, we have gone from storing one bit over two memory cells in the earliest designs to storing one bit per cell "single-level cells," or SLC , two bits per cell "multi-level cells," MLC and even, more recently, three bits per cell "triple level cell," or TLC. Please create a username to comment. Disparate business systems united via digital transition. So, the trend to increase memory capacity per device has become the main driver for mobile NAND flash products versus the sheer number of SSDs shipped.. Start by considering PCIe-based SSD. Planar NAND flash technology uses a single layer of memory cells. 3d and flash