A platform for millennials to share their stories; One-third of people age 15 to 29 are not in school and can't find a job. We believe the stories and ideas of young.
A forum for the top international issues facing youth today. Allows young people to share their opinions and listen to the stories of others.
GroundTruth is inviting millennials from around the world to share their experiences with employment and entrepreneurship. YouthVoices is a pioneering digital.
Submitting One Link for Multiple Youthvoices YouTube. Embed on Youth Voices YouTube. What is Youth Voices On China? Get started or learn new ways to work. We are afraid of losing, we are afraid of not being able to fin.

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Until something makes you feel again... The YouthVoices initiative puts young people at the center of the conversation on youth unemployment. More Voices Of Youth Info. Towards an HIV Cure. Engage with the community of practice for support and ideas to enrich your work in youth media. I spend my life defending the things people are either afraid of.