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Adobe has released the finalized version of Adobe Camera Raw the last update that will work with Photoshop CS5. The final version.
When you open the file in Adobe Photoshop CS5, the built-in Camera Raw plug- in interprets the Raw file on your computer, making adjustments for image color.
In this chapter, you'll learn how to open digital photos into the Camera Raw dialog (called “ Camera Raw,” for short), and then use the many.

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Camera Raw does a better job of redistributing tonal values in raw files, so they are better candidates for Photoshop edits. BJN You haven't been following Adobe very closely. Please enter a title. It's all about the money! These Raw files are a bit larger than standard JPEG files, but you capture an enormous amount of data with the image that you can retrieve after opening. camera raw cs5

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BJN You haven't been following Adobe very closely. Please help as I take all my pics in jpegs and raw. You can view and do some minor changes, but you don't get the full set of controls. Each camera manufacturer creates its own variation of a raw file. I may be missing something here - But I have never imported files directly into PS or LR for conversion, camera raw cs5, but rather used the free-standing Adobe DNG converter, which just sits on my desktop til I need it. Use DNG Converter and you're done forever - use new cameras with very old Photoshops. It's the cfa which is causing the problem, not the file format.