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Create a PDF from a Word-document. When creating a new book, your content needs to be uploaded as a PDF. Have you made your content in Word? Here are.
You will also learn what settings to use when exporting or creating a PDF from Most self-publishers write their book using Microsoft Word and then create a.

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You also want to avoid stock photography that has been used thousands of times before. First of all, well done. NOTE: This is the first step if you have an existing blog. Thank you for your support! Choose the Word-document you want to convert to PDF.. how to create a pdf book

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Adobe Acrobat Reader is the best way to check your exported PDF. You do this under the Advanced PDF Optimizer menu option. I would really like to make this post a nice little resource for people starting out on the eBook creation road. You can also create a new header for each chapter e. PDF files are used for many publishing purposes these days, so it could be vital for some projects […] Reply. Even if you proof a book digitally, the color on paper will often be slightly different. Upload PDF Ready to Upload? I then created transitions and filled in the holes. Creating Your Personal Life Plan. S ince publishing my new e-book, Creating Your Personal Life PlanI have had several people ask how I created the e-book. The back of your book is a good place for an index, your bio, how to create a pdf book, and contact information. The feedback on the book itself mine is just a PDF in Google Doc format that I made in Open Office has been amazing. I really have to have a proper lookbut looks awesome so far! For permission to reprint articles from this site, please contact info Website by Portmanteau Designs Self-Publishing.