how to import new fonts into photoshop

in Photoshop. Step by step tutorial on installing fonts in Photoshop. For the sake of tutorial I am going to choose “annabel script” as my font.
How to Put Downloaded Fonts Into Photoshop : Adobe Photoshop Tutorials Putting downloaded fonts into.
Once you have acquired the font that you want to add to Photoshop CS5, new font in Windows 7, you may need to shut down Photoshop.

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No, you need access to the Control Panel and other system settings. Drag the entire highlighted block and drop it into the Fonts window. Open a window to view the fonts. Click "Install Font" when the Font Book appears. Click on "Appearance and Personalization" Note: You skip this step in Windows XP. Most applications have font support, which means they will be checking your Mac for fonts to use.
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