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They are PhoneGap and Parse. In this blog entry I'm going to focus on the set up steps you'll need to make use of these technologies.
Beginning App Development with Parse and PhoneGap teaches you how to start app development with Parse and PhoneGap: free and open source software.
Working With For Mobile Application Data Storage - Javascript API Connecting NoSql Datastore hav a look at the this post! apply for mobile javascript.

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Post questions and get answers from experts. Note: To test touch events on a desktop browser, you can either temporarily change the code to click, or use Chrome Dev Tools to enable touch emulation. But this requires setting up a server, installing some form of middleware ColdFusion, PHP, Node, or others and setting up an API on the server to handle authentication, data creation, queries, and more. I began by creating a simple home screen. Also note that an objectId was automatically assigned to the stored data. There is no book on the market that can take you from designer to developer faster. You can also add anything else you want as well, including birthday, gender, and so on.

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