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The Windows Installer technology uses Msiexec.exe for installing MSI and MSP package you can use multiple logging parameters in order to create a log.
Syntax MSIEXEC /Option RequiredParameter [OptionalParameter] Install User requests /lc Logfile Log Initial (UI) parameters /lm Logfile Log Out-of-memory or.
/quiet, /q, qn, Fully silent mode. /passive, Unattended mode, shows progress bar only. /norestart, Do not restart the system after the installation. /forcerestart. Chrome silent download I downloaded file but i can not install it. Error:the upgrade patch cannot be installed by the windows service installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing…, msiexec switches. For example, if you upgrade the English version of your product, you could apply a transform to automatically upgrade the French version of your product. Otherwise the patch will simply update the MSI. We will write an article on MST Transforms and post it soon. This UNC path support is extremely useful, because msiexec switches enables you to store your software installation files on a file server somewhere and invoke them over the network.

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IT Pro Cloud Essentials. Force or suppress rebooting. When installing over an existing product, remove the old product first in a separate action. Your transform command-line call might look something like this:. CHANGE - Terminal Server session install mode. An MSI package name e. The hard part with these name and value pairs, as you can surmise, is in discovering what they actually are.