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I am currently a graduate student who recently started toying around with photography as a hobby. I noticed I can get a Lightroom 5 license on.
It's been almost two years since Lightroom 5 was released, which at Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6 are available from Adobe starting today.
Adobe Lightroom 6 /CC is out! What's new and improved vs. Lightroom 5 - what are the new features in LR6? Compare differences between the.

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Lightroom 5 vs lightroom 6 Join his monthly newsletter to receive complimentary copies of The Creative ImageWhat's New in Lightroom CC? Adobe premiere elements free trial Are you an Apple subsidiary? Blog Home Lightroom Training Videos. Without a doubt, it is a very capable software package that has many advantages over other similar tools on the market. Bill, I love the editing capabilities of Capture One Pro, however, I cannot agree with you on file management. I keep thinking that the subscription model is stupid. It's a more complete package.
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My personal favorite Lightroom user forum is This is not a user forum — it is a blog. What do you think? One incentive of this model is that this user group from time to time automatically receives additional lightroom 5 vs lightroom 6 as part of their monthly subscription the monthly fee is IMHO reasonable compared to the previous price for PS. Thank you for your reply Laura. However, LR seems to be slow and buggy to a point where I wish I had something else. lightroom 5 vs lightroom 6 Lightroom 5 vs Lightroom 6 hauts iso