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Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6.5 are now available on . Please select Help > Updates to use the update mechanism in the Creative.
Here's the entire set of all Adobe CC 2015 Updates, the direct links you can Adobe Lightroom 6.8 + CC Update, 330 MB.
Adobe Updates Camera RAW and Lightroom CC. By Canon Rumors | March 7, Adobe Updates Camera RAW and Lightroom CC. Adobe has updated.

Lightroom cc updates - will set

Added support for automatic lens profile corrections for Tokina and Tamron lenses on Canon and Nikon camera bodies. I refuse to be forced into switching to Mac for editing. Its anoying that Lightroom can not open the PEF files from Pentax! Beware of this update: it rendered my Lightroom CC disfunctional! Anyone else had a similar problem? Well, it means that Lightroom is compressing the catalog to a zip file that is roughly one tenth the size of the original catalog. It is not the future Adobe is thinking about, It is pure greed that is behind creative cloud subscription. Adobe is just being super stupid because some genius believes that one can force people to do things against their will, and pissing people off. Probably this new strategy of denying incremental upgrades to paying customers is the beginning of the end of standalone LR. With their subscription based program, cc users end up paying triple what a stand alone license costs. The preview image flickers and acts inconsistently. Please if you see a mistake do us all a service and post a correction, lightroom cc updates. lightroom cc updates