lightroom for windows 10

Windows 10 has been available for a few weeks now, but the more cautious among us like to wait to see which bugs are likely to cause trouble. As a Mac user.
Since getting windows 10 adobe lightroom 6 keeps going unresponsive. I have tried re-installing but no change. Anyone else had this.
Just wanted to inform you that there is no compatibility issue with LR 5 and Windows 10, so i believe you can go ahead and use LR 5 on your  Lightroom CC won't start in Windows 10 |Adobe. lightroom for windows 10

Lightroom for windows 10 - including:

Very difficult to find on the Adobe site, everything keeps sending you to CC. The first is to run Lightroom as an Administrator: I don't recommend fixing the issue this way because it is not addressing the root problem. I know Lightroom CC has mobile, but that is not the full version on another computer, which is very helpful if you are using LR as your DAM platform. I do the photo management, sorting, editing, etc. Why use collections to organize photos? This is a deal breaker for me. To fix it, recalibrate your monitor. If In Doubt, Try It Out. On, click on Contact Us an go through the process. The catalog could not be opened due to an unexpected error. When I go to pictures to open a PSD, it says the program cannot open because is missing and try reinstalling. Landscape and Wildlife Photography. Behind the Photos Newsletter.

Lightroom for windows 10 - kinda

I then have to close the program and reopen it. Latest driver version did not improve anything. So I press E and then the eraser appears and automatically goes back to the brush tool. I phoned them, asking about upgrade paths. Everything worked, except for Lightroom. Tried chat support which was TOTALLY useless!