update lightroom

While the Mobile update was pretty significant (but it's just for iPhone users at this point), the Lightroom Desktop update is shall we say a bit.
I didn't even mention software yet but now that I have, let's see what's new with our old pal Lightroom (LR) and its latest upgrade. Since this is the default.
Launch Photoshop and choose Help > Updates. For additional information, see Update.

Update lightroom - Flying

See plans for: businesses photographers students. Alternatively you could sign up for the Photoshop Photography Package to always be up to date with the latest. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. The Overlay Guide is more flexible and less cluttered than the grid overlay. Do I have to go in and accept terms and conditions or anything like that? It appears others have the same problem can you release a fix, although I dont seem to be able to get passed the downloaded files in CC Cloud. Dun Acorbat 8 Dunnnnnnn corrupt. I have same naming for DPR and standard indd. Is there any plan for Photoshop only? Let us know how we can help. So, I think I'm set. update lightroom