flex ui

UI like in the ones like TweetDeck are done by custom skins. You need to look into skinning of flex components. If you are using flex 4 i.e, the.
The Flex UI provides an interface for creating applications that use simple components such as buttons, windows, and labels in their design. Though the display.
flex-extensions - A collection of Adobe Flex user interface components, charting controls and elements, behaviors, data types and utility classes and methods. Utility methods related to Dictionary, such as toArraycreateFromObjectPropertiescreateExistenceIndexcreateObjectIndexByKeycreateObjectIndexByProperty. User Interface Design in Flex. Utility methods related to XML, such as initFromXMLtoPropertiesgetAttributeisAttributeTrueisBoolean and isTrue. Flex ui and VSlider controls. The application does not center as you make the browser smaller. flex ui The DVW approach to building Adobe Flex based UI's integrated with SAP