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Photoshop CS6 is from There were quite a number of features added in the There is no CS7, Photoshop CC is the latest.
Here's our guide on how to get Photoshop CS2 completely free of charge. The latest version of the software, bundled in Creative Suite.
Compare Adobe Photoshop CC vs. CS6 and discover all the new features added to Photoshop CC. Get started with Creative Cloud today. what is the newest photoshop
Adobe #Photoshop CC 2015 - Top 5 Features

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Switching from LEE to NiSi Filters: Was it a Mistake? Will give it a whirl. I found that disappointing — I kind of like Pixel Bender — in particular some of the fractal effects that you can create with it. Rather than the traditional 'buy the box' business model, the Creative Cloud is an existing subscription-based service, where you essentially rent the whole range of creative software from Adobe. I'm keeping an older version around for this reason.