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Bates Numbering is a procedure used primarily in legal, medical, and business areas to uniquely identify each page in a set of documents by assigning a series.
I've called this process of uniquely identifying each page the “pagecentric” approach, but it is commonly called Bates numbering in reference to Edwin G. Bates.
Bates numbering was noisy and error prone. Learn how to automate the task and do it faster and more reliably.

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The process was noisy and prone to error: it was easy to miss a page, which then required the stamper to go back and create a special intervening number. The document records are now updated with your organization's Bates numbering scheme, which automatically populates the Bates - Begin and Bates - End fields for those same document records. Here are the steps on how to Add. And yes, Adobe is VERY strict about their licensing. In the Macros selection box, choose Bates Number and click Settings. Bates Stamping in Adobe Acrobat Pro XI 11 But, no problem with Bates Blaster software. We will add Bates Numbers to a set of documents, so that each page provides reference information. The Bates Stamps PDFs utility can only recognize CaseMap and Acrobat Bates stamps. Insert Bates Numbering is clicked. For years, litigators have relied on a system of scanning and sequentially numbering individual document pages, extracting the text electronically and producing single page TIFF files, as the standard method of working with electronic documents in the discovery process. The growing preference for using native files in productions makes Bates numbering problematic, since native files cannot be Bates numbered. You can create your own prefix what is bates number in the CaseMap Bates Stamp wizard when you select the Create new case numbering format option.

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Even though you can restamp the documents, if needed, it is always good to have an unaltered original stored in case something happens to the stamped or marked up version. Main page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store. Beyond that, everything Ernie wrote is accurate. I had to go in and manually ensure each document started with the correct corresponding entity listed on the Notice of Deposit Index Chart before I could start bate stamping a few were even mislabeled in that regard. Well Craig Ball spelled it out quite succinctly in a blog post of his several years ago:. Use the three header text. Perform OCR processing for PDF files prior to Bates stamping We recommend that you perform any Optical Character Recognition OCR processing prior to Bates stamping PDF files. what is bates number