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Adobe Campaign lets you deliver personalized experiences across online and offline marketing channels and increase productivity through campaign.
Aristotle's campaign software epitomizes the Aristotle experience, providing Aristotle's Campaign Manager ™ provides the ability to take contribution data and.
Find and compare Campaign Management software. Free, interactive tool to quickly narrow your choices and contact multiple vendors. Campaign Management
Proprietary Demand-Side Platform DSPallowing users to efficiently buy and optimize digital media across campaign manager software channels. Even though the majority of modern SaaS solutions are cloud-based some solutions may offer an on-site deployment model as well. Hanna One company is missing in this overview: SALESmanago — one of the leading MA on the European market. Users generally need these kind of info where every thing falls at a single place. Streamline demand generation with Integrate, campaign manager software, by automating manual tasks, improving data quality and velocity, and proving ROI, all resulting in customer acquisition and growth. SALESmanago enables clients to fully personalize email marketing, dynamic website content, social media and mobile marketing.