TV Everywhere is powered by Emmy Award–winning Adobe Primetime authentication (formerly Adobe Pass), the most flexible and user-friendly system for unlocking pay-TV content on tablets, smartphones, set-top boxes, and game consoles. You’ll find Adobe Primetime authentication in.
Adobe Pass is an authentication and authorization (AuthN/AuthZ) service that Ooyala uses to allow logging in and rights management for TV Providers and other.
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Discovery API Reference About Paging the Results from Ooyala Discovery. Ooyala Account Token API. Discovery UI CTR Report for API Usage. Ooyala IQ Workspace Reference Ooyala IQ Dashboard. Ingesting with the Backlot API.

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Adobepass Customizing the Chromecast Receiver User Interface. Offline Playback: Download to Own DTO and Rentals DTR for iOS. Assigning Publishing Rules to Assets. Customizing the Receiver Application for the Ooyala Chromecast Integration Starting the Cast Receiver Manager, adobepass. Ooyala Discovery Queue Deprecated Discovery Queue Deprecated.
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Adobe Pass: 301 Surveying the right of way Backlot Adobepass Reference Overview. That means it wouldn't just be pay-TV operators' portals only, as it is currently. Content Publishing Manual Publishing Embedding an Asset. Deprecated Potential Differences in the Data. Integration with FreeWheel on iOS Cuepoint Markers. Syndication Creating a Syndication.